We are looking for America’s historical icons!

The We Love History digital magazine announced a competition in the United Sates for secondary school students on naming their nation’s role model. The proposals of the 30 most popular historical figures will be shared with the readers of the magazine in September, 2018. During the competition the magazine makes its digital archive available for students for free.
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Sexuality in ancient Greece — Unlike pederasty, intimacy between women was not so emphasized in the ancient world.
The crushing of the Reich — German soldiers fighting among the ruins of Stalingrad in the autumn of 1942. A generation of trained Wehrmacht leaders were killed within a few months in the inferno of Stalingrad.
Revenge in the pool — Ervin Zádor after the punch, Hungarians were unstoppable in the pool.
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
U.S. President
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Horatio Nelson
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Horatio Nelson
Hero or villain?

Erwin Rommel

Field Marshal


He took part in the July Plot to assassinate Hitler


He served in the army of Nazi Germany

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Age of First Ladies at the start of their tenure

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Which was the most bizarre fact that related to Winston Churchill’s life?
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
Being president is like running a cemetery; you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody is listening.