We are looking for America’s historical icons!

The We Love History digital magazine announced a competition in the United Sates for secondary school students on naming their nation’s role model. The proposals of the 30 most popular historical figures will be shared with the readers of the magazine in September, 2019. During the competition the magazine makes its digital archive available for students for free.
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Cheese: the “secret weapon” of the Middle Ages — Neopolitans Eating Macaroni'. A typical country village Maccaronara near Naples, Italy, which would serve macaroni dressed with Parmesan cheese and a little salt. Hand coloured lithograph from Italian Scenery, Manners and Customs by Buon Airetti (London, 1806).
Sexuality in ancient Greece — Sexuality in ancient Greece
Revenge in the pool — Zádor's blood painted the water of the pool in red. The galvanized spectators wanted to lynch the Soviet players.
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This magazine has conquered me totally.
French emperor
“This magazine has conquered me totally.”
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Napoleon Bonaparte

French Emperor


Besides setting up a modern educational system, he introduced the Code Civil, the first modern civil code that influenced civil law on the entire planet


An estimated 3.5 million people died as a result of numerous wars that broke out due to his imperial ambitions

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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
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