We are looking for America’s historical icons!

The We Love History digital magazine announced a competition in the United Sates for secondary school students on naming their nation’s role model. The proposals of the 30 most popular historical figures will be shared with the readers of the magazine in September, 2019. During the competition the magazine makes its digital archive available for students for free.
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Cheese: the “secret weapon” of the Middle Ages — Tacuinum Sanitatis (medieval handbook on health and wellbeing). Farmer carrying a bucket of curdled milk.
“Mengele sent us to the right” — A Red Army surgeon examining an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor in February 1945.
Milestones — The Second World War finally ends for a Japanese holdout, Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda, when he surrenders in the Philippines.
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Richard Nixon
Let’s drink a toast to the opportunity that the whole archive of We Love History is accessible.
Richard Nixon
Hero or villain?

Charles Darwin



His groundbreaking work titled “On the Origin of Species” introduced the theory of evolution by natural selection


His theory of evolution challenged the beliefs of creationism (life and the universe were created by God)

History in numbers

Age of First Ladies at the start of their tenure

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Which of the following is the best WWII movie?
Karl Marx
Karl Marx
All I know is that I am not a Marxist.