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9 / 2019
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Inside the medieval mind — Armageddon was a constant vision in the medieval mind.
“Mengele sent us to the right” — Two children in the medical station at Auschwitz concentration camp not long after the liberation of the hellish place. The Red Army freed more than 7,000 prisoners, who were mostly ill and dying.
The Scar-Faced King of Prohibition — A mug shot of Al Capone taken in 1931. The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre became a problem for Al Capone. The killing led to a nationwide outrage, with most people pointing their fingers at Al Capone. Finally, the king of Chicago was jailed for tax fraud.
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Do you think I was really a spy?
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“Do you think I was really a spy?”
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Lorenzo de’ Medici
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Charles Darwin



His groundbreaking work titled “On the Origin of Species” introduced the theory of evolution by natural selection


His theory of evolution challenged the beliefs of creationism (life and the universe were created by God)

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Mahatma Gandhi
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